Here you will find the current lottery numbers and odds from the lottery on Saturday every week. The chance of winning is low, however.

The lottery numbers for Saturday, November 13th, 21: The winning numbers for the lottery 6 out of 49 are always determined around 7.30 p.m. You can find the result of the drawing up-to-date and immediately here every week – including the correct numbers from the additional lotteries Spiel 77 and Super 6:

Lotto numbers from Saturday: Current winning numbers from the lottery drawing on November 13, 2021

  • Lottery numbers: 3 4 6 10 25 42
  • Super number: 0

Game 77 and Super 6: Numbers from Saturday

  • Game 77: 1732765
  • Super 6: 177694

(All statements without guarantee)

You can always find Wednesday’s numbers here: Wednesday’s lottery numbers.

Lottery drawing 6 out of 49: Current odds for the lottery numbers

The odds for Lotto 6 out of 49 on Saturday are usually published on the Monday morning after the drawing – if Monday is a public holiday, then only on Tuesday. You can always find the current winning odds here:

Great Number of correct ones Profits Odds
1 6 correct + SZ 0 × vacant
2 6 correct 1 × 2.567.256,40 €
3 5 correct + SZ 64 × 13.905,90 €
4 5 correct 865 × 3.066,80 €
5 4 correct + SZ 3.985 × 184,60 €
6 4 correct 46.683 × 37,30 €
7 3 correct + SZ 67.922 × 21,90 €
8 3 correct 806.868 × 8,70 €
9 2 correct + SZ 451.236 × 6,00 €

Lotto on Saturday: time of the drawing and deadline for the lottery numbers

With the Saturday lottery, the drawing always starts at 7:25 p.m. A few minutes later, the lottery numbers are set. If you want to play the 6 out of 49 lottery, you should pay attention to the closing date for the winning numbers beforehand. These differ a bit depending on the federal state. Here is an overview:

state Closing date for Lotto on Saturday
Baden-Wuerttemberg 7 p.m.
Bayern 7 p.m.
Berlin 7 p.m.
Brandenburg 7 p.m.
Bremen 7 p.m.
Hamburg 6:59 p.m.
Hessen 7 p.m.
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 7 p.m.
Lower Saxony 7 p.m.
North Rhine-Westphalia 6:59 p.m.
Rhineland-Palatinate 7 p.m.
Saarland 7 p.m.
Saxony 7 p.m.
Saxony-Anhalt 7 p.m.
Schleswig-Holstein 7 p.m.
Thuringia 7 p.m.

Winning numbers in the lottery 6 out of 49: The chance of getting the right lottery numbers is low

The probability of winning the main prize with the correct numbers is just 1 in 140 million. That is a little lower than with the Eurojackpot.

Read about it too

Who Lotto online via the lottery company of his state – for example under – has typed, can log on to the respective website. The « My LOTTO » area shows all tickets, winnings and bookings. Under the heading « Account statement » you can then see whether and how much you have won in the drawing. However, this only works after the odds have been officially announced – in the case of the lottery on Saturday, also from Monday.

Lotto is a game of chance and as such can be addicting. If you suspect you or someone else has signs of gambling addiction, contact a professional addiction counselor. Here, for example, the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) is ideal. You can contact the experts by phone on 0800 1 37 27 00. The call is free.

If you need a little inspiration for future lottery tips, you can take a look at the official Lotto website throw. There you can find out how often which number has been drawn since 1955. That’s how long Germany’s most famous game of chance has been around.

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